4~16~18 Daily Draw

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4~16~18 Daily Draw

Using Lenormand Revolution, I pulled cards for my day tomorrow. The spread is what is called Tirage du Chien de Pique aka Drawing of the Dog of Spades The master cards chosen using a Lenormand deck are a bit different than using a regular deck of cards.

Master cards paired with another card depict what will happen in that specific area:
Lady – significator
Dog – Friends
House – home life
Bear- work, projects
Child- a surprise

so my pairs are as follows:
House – bear (2 master cards) so a project in the home? I am in the final stages of finishing a gift for a friends nursery!
Lady-Man-path (pulled a third card to see what is going on between lady-man) a decision? an alternative?
Path would be a cheating card but I am not in a relationship. Maybe the choice is to be in one ???
Tree- child – I am thinking my granddaughter will wake up sick… she has a cold… perhaps the house-bear pair is me working from home?
dog-scythe – I am thinking either I don’t hear from any friends as scythe would remove a friend, I lose a friend or I hurt a friend? I will have to watch my tongue, as it gets me in trouble sometimes!

We shall see…

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