a few months from now

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a few months from now

I decided to pull a line of 5, No cards preselected and also used “stations” to see what the next few months will bring .
The cards used are the LVJ Lenormand Oracle Cards.
The “Stations” act like the house system in a Grand Tableau. They give a kind of subject to the main card. EX: since the station for the Mice card is Clouds, there is some type of confusion for the mice. The mice represent loss or productivity, so I would say there is some confusion about something lost , a loss or about productivity.

You use two decks when using stations /houses and I did However, i noticed there were no repeat cards in both lines of 5 so i was able to swap out the top station cards where i used the Piatnik deck and , used the LVJ cards to keep it uniformed.

So reading one card with its station is as follows:

Clouds/Mice – confusion regarding loss/something lost / or productivity
Perhaps unsure about how to be productive.

Sun /Tree – energy /health or restoration/growth
Perhaps this is about revitalizing or restoring my health

Main FOCUS =Child/ Lily new, small/experience
Since the middle cards in a line of 5 are always the focus cards, this is about experiencing something new. So I would say the next few months is about a new experience.

Dog/ Tower – friend, trust, support/ authority, boundaries, corporation
Perhaps this is about supportive management or authority

Snake/Woman – shrewd intelligent , trustworthy woman

So I am thinking this is about gaining some type of clarity and restoring my energy through my doctor. I would say this is about female health issues . Perhaps a new symptom (experience) that will be the focus in the upcoming months.


I will follow up when it “clicks”.

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