A Journey Into the Mystic

A Journey Into the Mystic

This is my story and “I Am” sticking to it!

I like to read cards and am enamored with how they astound every time I consult them.

I also have a few other tricks up  my sleeve!

 As far as the cards go I have been in the process of learning the Lenormand Oracle these past few years (love love love it) as well as my 20 yr plus journey with the Tarot.

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As far as my psychic abilities go; things come to me in various ways as the “I AM” deems appropriate for your circumstance at any given moment .

They can come as messages from the other side, or as a healing experience as I pinpoint an area of discomfort or illness; possibly taking it on as my own.

Then there are visions, a “knowing”, sensations, tastes etc

My most noted “ability” (and  is pretty cool to me even to this day) is that I can tell you how you are sitting, if you have moved or coughed or even what you may be eating, looking at etc  from a pc/laptop/tablet social/private chat experience.

Yes, it is possible without even having laid eyes on a person, or being on the same continent; without knowing a persons real name, date of birth, etc.

A curse at times but also a reminder of our innate connection to the all.

It is what I call “Becoming Someone”

How do I “Become Someone”?

I tune into your very existence. I’ve become one with the breath that sustains you. I touch with the hand of the divine. I source from it, and one can not sustain another’s reach for understanding by any other means.

A Maelstrom indeed.

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~  and then there is the music…  ~

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