June ’17 3×3

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June ’17  3×3

Back in 2012/2013 when the resurgence of reading the Lenormand sprung up, I created a Lenormand  community called Lenormand Lessons on Google+ .

 One of the members posted a couple of monthly Grand Tableau’s or “GTs”  just to  get a glimpse into what is ahead of her.

 *A GT  uses 36 cards, which is the entire deck of “today’s standard” Lenormand  deck.

I “got the bug” and decided to check out what is coming up or me in the month of June , but with a much smaller 9 card layout. Per  Andy Boroveshengra , my mentor and author of  Thirty Six Cards -Intro to Petite Lenormand ;  a  3×3  timing wise, covers 2 to 4 weeks.

9 cards can give enough detail to hit on key points of what the month will hold.

Now  for the draw I used the Maybe Lenormand by Ryan Edwards (art/comp.book) and printed by US Game Systems , which has 52 cards.



There are 3 extra cards that lay below the 3×3 as,

1: The Hands and Train cards are the “cut” cards.

2: The bouquet fell out of the companion book after I drew cards. I did not know it wasn’t in the deck when I shuffled, Surprise! (which happens to be one of the keywords for the card)

***I do have to note that card 39. Hands, popped out twice while I shuffled, and as you can see, it ended up being part of the cut. So I take that as a distinct message, as well as the bouquet.

So that cut? Underlying concern is agreeable business dealings.  with the emphasis on surprise/happy meeting/encounter. (distinct message)

When taking the suits into account, I see that for June, it’s all about happiness/pleasure  Reinforcing the ‘cut’ cards.

The middle card is the theme for the month: 16. Star- this card is very auspicious, for ideas, clarity, success, networking, even fortune telling.

The overriding influence of Junes theme is public notoriety through flattering communications. Reminds me of the saying “flattery will get you everywhere”…

When I read the rows and columns, I see much about elevated status, lucky breaks, expansion, creativity, arts, fireworks (it is June) , celebrity, etc etc…

Sounds good but card 50 – “Shattered” has to be taken into account.  It augurs disruption , misconceptions, bad luck, but no fear !! as given it is surrounded by good cards, and the Lady card is not present; it’s negative connotation is weakened. I would even see it with the star card as lucky break!  I see the month of June as being exciting, communicative, inclusive, eventful, and freeing…

I will have to check back in throughout the month of June to map out the events as the unfold…





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