~maybe lenormand~

May 31, 2017 by

~maybe lenormand~

Just popping in to share that the Maybe Lenormand deck was patiently waiting on my desk for me at work when I got in this morning.

This deck is by Ryan Edwards (art/comp.book) and printed by US Game Systems Inc.

I held out on purchasing this deck, as I did many others, given I could get lo$t in them.

What got me started was losing one card in my “go-to” Piatnik deck.

It just gave me a bug  to go surfing to find a replacement, which I found on an ebay store, ” A Place for Magic” .

The cool +++ about this Lenormand deck that it has 52 cards rather then the smaller 36 core card decks that I am used to working with.

From reading about those extra cards in the companion book ,  I expect much more intrigue and epiphanies in my readings.

Below is a close image of  the line of 5 cards I pulled to see how well these cards will work with me.  I fanned the cards out face down, pulled the very first card as the middle “theme” card, then draw two before and two after it.


I thought it pretty funny that a couple of those extra cards popped up in the draw.

They actually made me  laugh out loud.

I get the cat & the mouse cards !  Lose the ego here. ha!

43 Cats                 24 Heart         29 Lady        51 Train        23 Mice

Self Centered            Passion              Me            Traverse           Loss

My take :

Curious that we will connect straight away and with no boundaries…


I started out with a loss and end up with another loss… a good one, gooo me!

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