Medicine Wheel Spread

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Medicine Wheel Spread

I was browsing Tarot/Lenormand  spreads on Orphalese Tarot program,looking to find one that I could use with the Melissa Lenormand oracle deck . In most classic Lenormand spreads, the meaning of each card in a specific reading is directly related to its proximity to the card that represents the person the reading is for, as well as with the proximity of other cards.

After the program generated the cards in the Medicine Wheel Spread I thought the Lenormand cards fit nicely with a “traditional positional” spread.

This is what came up as to how I can best navigate my day to day working with the 24 *totems* listed.

1) Creator

The Creator of all life.  The situation at hand.   Let *Dog *  be your guide on the Journey and illuminate your Path through *friendship, friendliness, connection, friends,  reliability, loyalty, trust.*

2) Earth Mother

The mother of Hearth and home.  Your home life may be improved by learning the lessons of *Clover* and * chance, luck , hope, happenstance. Natural healing.  Opportunity, positive vibrations.  Quickness, two’s* (personal note here: clover has appeared to me many times as meaning”two days”, so perhaps let things manifest, settle in the home a couple of days.)

3) Father Sun

Light and Life.   Let *Birds* be a source of comfort, warmth, and growth through * nervousness, a mad rush,  and sorrows.  Short journeys, gossip/ advertising, interviews also two older people, could be couple. Also tummy-butterflies due to excitement, nervousness.*

4) Grandmother Moon

Dreams and Visions.  Through dreams and visions *Rider* seeks to teach you * that something is set in motion. News from a foreign country or from far away. Thoughts, news, hunches, dynamic processes. This is a positive card, a good messenger, whatever you intend will go well. *

5) Turtle Clan

The Earth. Growth and Life.   *Mountain* encourages you to  grow in your Journey through * Obstacles that have to be overcome .  Dealing with a powerful enemy,  danger, blocks, frustrations, coldness, hard work. *

6) Frog Clan

Water. Cleansing and Sorrow.   Grief and Sorrow come to everyone.  *Lady*  teaches that * intuition, passiveness, instinct, patience.* may help one through the process.

7) Thunderbird Clan

Fire. Primal energy. Instinct.  In our civilized world, it is  sometimes good to return to the Primal and the Instinctual.   Let *Man* help you through * action, aggressiveness, logic, will-power.*

8) Butterfly Clan

Air. Transformation.  Change is a necessary part of life. Do not fear it. Remember; the change the caterpillar fears, the World calls a butterfly!   *Moon*  helps you confront change through * being seen, acknowledgement and promotion,  intuition, psychic powers and the soul. Magic, spiritual traditions, the past, intuitiveness, career/success, recognition, Feelings, emotions. Honors, respect, recognition.*

9) North

Knowledge. Wisdom. Mind.   Mind is the builder. What begins in the mind can become manifest in the body, the spirit, or the world; for good or Ill.  *Stork* teaches to train and hone your mental abilities through * movement, changes,  promotion, relocation.*

10) East

Daybreak. Illumination. Spirit.   We are all Spiritual beings having a human experience.  *Ship* teaches you to nourish your spirit through * a long journey or thriving businesses-trade. It can also be about taking a break,  a trip/vacation.

11) South

Youth and Innocence. Emotions.   Learn to be childlike without being childish.  Remember to honor your emotions without letting them control you.   *Sun* will help you regain a sense of wonder and joy through * success, energy, will-power and optimism..*

12) west

Introspection. The greatest journey you’ll ever take is the one within.   *Letter*  urges you to pray and meditate upon * messages come that come to me .  Shallow, not deep information, creative ideas, message from within (inner voice). News, mail.*

13) Snow Goose

Direction. He who does not have direction in his life stagnates.  *Fish* points the way through * finances and money. It can also stand for a businessmen. Intellectualism, material success and wealth, also: instability, excess, drugs, alcohol. Excess, luxury, wealth, money. Trade, exchange, sales, business matters.*

14) Otter

Balance. Female energy.     Learn to employ balance in your life.  *Joker * teaches you to gain Balance in your life through * Looking deeper to see simple details that might otherwise be overlooked.*

15) Cougar

Leadership. Leadership is equal parts Inspiration, dedication, and perspiration.   The True Leader would do well to heed  *the Journal* when he speaks of * secrets, something that is not yet definite, as it is still hidden somewhere.  Acquired knowledge. A mystery. Wisdom of life, book of life, call to learn more, sign of the teacher. Projects, studies, education.*

16) Red Hawk

Observe. messages.     You will never See without first looking.  *Cross* asks you to observe * that destiny is about to test you , a matter is of a karmic nature. Suffering and misfortune, karma, destiny. Symbol of guilt, Belief and Knowledge, Tests, unending space. Grand scale endings, Fate, lessons to learn.*

17) Beaver

Builder, Opportunity.     The Builder creates his own Opportunities.   *House*  will help you build new opportunities through *your home, the place where you feel comfortable, a secure place. Fruitful projects. Stability,  family ties, responsibility. Private space. Ideal home, childhood home.*

18) Deer

Gentleness, Compassion.   *Mice* softly whispers of compassion and gentleness through *loss, and theft.  Disease. Worries, anxieties. *

19) Flicker

Music. Celebration.  There is a time for all things; a time to work and a time to play. Make your life a  Celebration. *Lily* joins in the celebration of Life through *  family, family life, harmony and support, but also for sexuality. Development of the soul, success, knowledge and learning of good and evil, holiness, good traits and bad. Support, attitude towards life, business, work. Protective, supportive influence. Maturity; referring to something older. Peace, contentment.*

20) Sturgeon

Moving through life.     Life is a journey. Learn to go with the flow, or you may find yourself choking in stagnant waters.    Let *Heart* flow with you down the river of life and teach you to *love,  love  life and be kind. Be happiness. Desire joy and peace*

21) Brown Bear

Truth. Truth can be sweet. Truth can be cruel. Truth is stranger than fiction. Truth is the crucible of Reality.   *Ring* gets to the Truth of the matter through *partnership, marriage, a relationship or a connection, monotony, cycles, contracts, agreements.*

22) Raven

Sacred Law. Shape shifting.   The Universe, in all its wonder, is governed by laws. Physical laws and Spiritual laws. A Citizen of the Universe would do well to learn those Laws because ignorance of the Law is no excuse.  *Key* lays down the Law and teaches you * that these laws are one hundred percent certain.  To open doorways, Solutions are imminent . Ability to understand, the truth, points to advice, probabilities and possibilities.*

23) Snake

Transmutation. Creation. Equality.    It is the Equality of all things that they are created, they change and they eventually expire. Respect and honor all things equally.   *Snake* helps you Create and Change your own Life through *Resourcefulness, taking advantage of opportunities. This may appear as a betrayal or a detour. It can also be through an intelligent women *

24) Elk

Stamina. Pace yourself. Go the distance.   The Race goes not to the speedy, but to the wise.  *Star* helps you go the distance by teaching you * the laws of the universe,  intuition, spirituality, psychic powers and astrology , spiritual aspirations, the melancholy of dreams, eternity, to heed the call of angels. *

Yep. I am liking it, as it appears that the Lenormand can and will work this way.



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