The Ascension Oracle

May 12, 2015 by

The Ascension Oracle

The Ascension Oracle by Natalia M Schotte Ph.D is an absolutely beautiful deck of  oracle cards. I never heard of them or laid my eyes on them until recently.

I was on a website I frequent to search for decks to bid on. I saw this deck and I ended up winning this deck on the opening bid. They were VERY cheap.

When I researched the deck I saw that this oracle is meant to be used  with flower essences in order to accelerate your spiritual growth. Those are a bit pricey so I will not be purchasing those.

I suppose my ascension will be slow haha.  In any event, I always ask new decks how I can best use them. I pulled the Hu-Manessence Hard Lily “Butter Pixie” card.

The book that comes with the deck gives a very detailed explanation of the card and its meaning. In short,  this is about letting go of the ego and letting the soul guide me.  The Divine.

The card proceeds to tell me to fast, eat very light and raw.  So  I will take care to only consult this deck when I am hungry  and absent minded. haha.

I will let you know how that works out. heh

Oh …and I knew I forgot something. I wanted to add that today my coworker and I were talking about the Buttercup flower.

I should have guessed that the Butter Pixie would be the card I was intuitively drawn to .





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