The single life…

Mar 11, 2017 by

The single life…

Being single for quite some time, I join the ranks of countless others who ask the cards about a future relationship. For this inquiry I thought it fateful to use The Lenormand Révolution deck by Carrie Paris & Roz Foster self published @ The Game Crafter.

While shuffling,  I “charged” the Ring card as the Ring card signifies “partnerships”.  Once done shuffling and cutting the deck , I looked for the ring card and pulled the two cards before and after it in the deck.


The cards meaning could not be more ominous or clear.

“Speaking from experience , you have experienced changes within relationships and change of heart. ”

The cards are telling me I have to want it. I have to literally have a change of heart given my experience with double talk in relationships.

I am not unlike any other out there who had a relationship change them. Hence being single so long. A heart experienced change. A desire changed.

Obvious. AND confirms my way of how I pulled these cards. I used to fan the cards face down and choose cards randomly. BUT doing it that way, made me feel I “psychically” chose the cards to fit the inquiry.
I never liked “charging” the cards either. I liked them to speak for themselves.

I have had a change of heart about that now too, given my experience. 😉

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